Washington Redskins Season Ticket Waiting List

Washington Redskins Season TicketsBack in 2007, the Washington Redskins Season Ticket Waiting List was the deepest in the NFL at 155,000 according to Forbes.com. There are even some suggestions that the Redskins Waiting List surpassed 200,000 fans. How did the Redskins waiting list get that big? Well, let's see:

An entertaining look at the Redskins Season Ticket Waiting List through the years, from Dave McKenna of WashingtonCityPaper.com:
1971 - 5,000 - All Redskins home games sold out for the previous five years. First reports of a waiting list. Only 23 Redskins season tickets non-renewed that year.
1973 - 7,500 - Super Bowl VII
1975 - 12,000
1987 - 15,000
1988 - 38,094 - Super Bowl XXII
1991 - 41,903
1992 - 45,506 - Super Bowl XXVI
1995 - 50,000
1997 - 45,000 - FedExField opens
1999 - 40,000 - Redskins sold to Daniel Snyder
2002 - 75,000
2004 - 100,000
2006 - 150,000
2009 - 200,000
Recently, there have been reports from many Redskins fans that they were offered season tickets, even though their names were not on the Redskins Season Ticket Waiting List. These season tickets were most likely the expensive club level seats that most of us can't afford anyway. At any rate, these reports caused an uproar that spread like wildfire throughout the Skins Nation. I believe that the waiting list is still intact and has over 200,000 names, although it definitely doesn't consist of fans that are seriously considering purchasing Redskins season tickets. In fact, anyone can sign up for the Redskins Season Ticket Waiting List. There is still huge demand for Redskins season tickets, but, until the Redskins implement a deposit program for season tickets like most other clubs, the waiting list will be utilized mainly as a mailing list for contacting potential Redskins season ticket buyers.

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Anonymous said...

Offered season tickets yesterday (upper ends, upper sides avail). Took just over 3 years to get through the waitlist.

Anonymous said...

Was offered tickets on December 17th for upper level, was on the list for 3 weeks tops. I wonder if this is because the Redskins have let their fans down for the past 19 years? Perhaps Snyder should see this as a sign; stop using your team like a fantasy football team!

Anonymous said...

I put my name on the waiting list at age 10 (1990) and was offered tickets at 23. Unfortunately, I live in Illinois now so I had to pass. The mailing list is a joke now though