2009 Vancouver Canucks Season Tickets Waiting List Update

With every game sold out since 2002, the tough economic conditions have not hurt demand of 2009 Vancouver Canucks Season Tickets. The team announced this week that prices on over half of the 2009 Canucks Season Tickets will reflect a 3.3% price increase. According to the Canucks chief operating officer Victor de Bonis via canada.com:
Canuck season ticket holders must commit to next season's package by the end of March or the club will offer seats to its waiting list of 4,000 fans who want about 8,000 seats. The Canucks cap season ticket sales at about 17,000 seats, leaving about 1,600 single-game seats for each game. Single-game Canucks tickets for next season will increase by a similar amount, with prices next year expected to range from about $50 to $224.

About 95% of fans traditionally renew their season tickets and the Canucks expect a similar renewal rate this year.
At a 95% renewal rate, looks like turnover of Canucks Season Tickets is about 150-200 tickets per year. If my math is correct, expect a wait of 20 years if you join Blue Line, the Vancouver Canucks Season Tickets Waiting List, today.

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Anonymous said...

Your math is wrong and misleading. There are 17000 seats alloted to season ticket holders. 95% renewal means the 850 tickets come free each year... not 150-200
So, the waiting list time is just under 5 years. Also, the Canucks addedd seating which reduced the timeline. I started at 4000+ and in one year down to 2200.

Anonymous said...

I talked to them today. average wait is 3-4 years. Also the $50 annual fee covers up to your 4 tickets. It doesn't cost $50 annually per ticket. The annual charge happens at the start of every season, so it's best to register in October, not September cause then you pay $50 twice within a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

the math is wrong in both of the above....i teach math!

based on the numbers above, there are 17,00 season ticket seats

the claim is that each year about 5% come up for people waiting on the list

it says there are about 4000 people waiting for 8000 seats.

so, 5% of 17000 seats per year is 17000*0.05 = 850

there are about 850 seats up for grabs each year.

at 850 seats per year, you will wait roughly 10 years for the 8000 seats to come available. to be exact, you expect to wait 8000/850 = 9.4 years

Anonymous said...

^ it is less than that since some people go for half season (meaning 2 people on the wait list can split a full season of games) and others get ice packs (11 or 15 games), meaning 3 people on the wait list can split a full season of games.

i registered today and was told 5 - 6.